1. Introduction of services provider
Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. an entity duly incorporated under the laws of Czech Republic, with the registration number 17825741 (hereinafter "we", "us", "Hasbix", "Company", “Site”, “Platform”), are the parties to the digital agreement known as Hasbix Terms and Conditions, which applies to your use of this website https://hasbix.com, the platform, all of the services, or any content embedded into the website in question. 
By familiarizing yourself with these terms, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, and agreed to them, as well as that you consent to the collection, processing, and storage of certain personal data about you (in accordance with the platform's Privacy Policy, which can be found at (https://hasbix.com/en/Privacy-Policy) and also Acceptable Use Policy which is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of the Platform, can be found at (https://hasbix.com/en/Acceptable-Use-Policy). The company reserves the right to unilaterally alter the terms of this agreement without prior notice to the user. You can find the most recent version of the Terms at https://hasbix.com/en/Terms-and-Conditions, with a timestamp indicating when the most recent changes were made.
You should not register at https://hasbix.com and should not use the platform or the services offered by the website in question if you do not agree with the terms of this agreement. Before attempting to register on the Platform, please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms of this agreement.
2. Service Description.
The technical environment of Hasbix is structured as a set of structural units to make it easier for individual and business users to access cryptocurrency purchases, storage, and management. The User profile, which includes the following elements, serves as the infrastructure's foundation:

User Information: one-time CDD procedure (primary procedure enforced by Hasbix for the purpose of establishing a commercial relationship with the User and his or her identification for subsequent access to any part of Hasbix or third-party websites with which the Platform is integrated) is the sole purpose of the Hasbix B2B2C Service. In addition, the company reserves the right to request additional explanations and/or documents as part of the ongoing monitoring of the business relationship (for example, the EDD procedure, which involves conducting a more in-depth inspection of the Customer's activities and determining where the Fiat funds used to execute Exchange Orders came from). A different ID code is assigned to each User Profile. When a user makes a Fiat payment to Hasbix, this ID number should be used.
Operational funds. Hasbix is your sole counterparty in the Exchange Order as part of the service, implying that the controlling legal entity behind the platform is directly involved in the purchase or sale of the cryptocurrency. The so-called Peer-To-Peer exchange, in which users trade digital assets with other Platform users, and the service of exchanging one fiat currency for another are not available through our services. Additionally, Hasbix assumes no responsibility for how Users use or interpret information contained in the Service description, this User Agreement, or other communication channels they have access to. Hasbix also does not offer trading advice or financial consulting services. A legal entity or a natural person registered as a Hasbix user's willingness to enter into an exchange deal with Hasbix as the final counterparty is reflected in each Exchange Order placed on the platform.

You might not be able to use all of the features of the Website, or you might not be able to access the Website at all, depending on where you live. You are responsible for adhering to the laws of your home country and/or the country from which you access this Website and Services. Hasbix isn't liable for your very own resistance with the laws of the country wherein you dwell.

Although Hasbix makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on the Services is accurate, the company cannot and does not guarantee the content provided in accordance with these Terms and Conditions' accuracy, suitability, reliability, completeness, performance, or fitness for any purpose. Additionally, Hasbix is not responsible for any losses or damages that may result from your use of the content. Information regarding the Services is provided for the primary purpose of assisting Users in making independent decisions and is subject to change without notice. The possession of digital currencies carries some risks, which must be understood by all Service Users. Hasbix urges all Clients to practice reasonability and direct trades with alert, taking into account their own monetary remaining, as well as the Cryptographic money economic situations.

3. Key points and definitions
The following terms shall have the meanings given to them below, in addition to the other terms defined elsewhere in this Agreement:

Agreement -  refers to the current set of Hasbix Terms and Conditions, including all of their essential and integral parts, as they may be modified at any time in accordance with their terms. The following terms and conditions are fundamental and integral: AML/CFT, privacy policy, and any other specific agreements, usage terms, etc. issued by Hasbix, in which it is explicitly stated that these documents form an integral part of the current Agreement.
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Policy -  is a set of internal rules and procedures aimed at preventing the laundering of money derived from criminal activity and the financing of terrorism. It also includes KYC and Due Diligence measures. The current Agreement is incomplete without this collection of policies. The specific section of the website contains a summary of the AML/CFT policy's content: https://hasbix.com/en/AML.
Business Day -  is any day of the week other than Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of state holidays and other days on which Czech Republic financial institutions are permitted to close.
Confidential information - Any information that you receive or learn as a result of receiving Hasbix's Services or otherwise as a result of your access and use of the Platform that is confidential or proprietary to Hasbix and/or its third party licensors is considered confidential information. This includes any information derived from, or relating to, any Hasbix products and Services or the Platform, such as the following: regarding technology, financial data, and business operations, regardless of whether such information is designated as confidential.
Digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and digital currencies: a computerized resource intended to function as a vehicle of trade that utilizes solid cryptography to get monetary exchanges, control the production of extra units, and check the authenticity of the exchanges made between the clients.
Currency - Government issued currency (for example EUR) and Digital money (for example BTC. ETH. USDT).
Deposit - An exchange of assets for Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. (either a wire transfer or a crypto currency transfer) made by the Client with the end goal of execution of the exchange request put at the Platform.
Fee - is a commission that is taken out of the total amount of money that users send to Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. as a fee for providing exchange services.
Fiat money - Government issued currency - Government - gave and upheld cash, which fills in as a legitimate delicacy of trade in the nation of issuance, and is perceived by the specialists of different locales.
Funds - The amount of fiat currency or cryptocurrency that is sent to the company and used for exchange is called funds.
Governmental authority - Any national, federal, state, provincial, county, municipal, or local government, whether domestic or foreign, as well as any entity, authority, ministry, or other similar body exercising executive, legislative, judicial, regulatory, and/or administrative authority or functions of or pertaining to government are considered to fall under the category of "governmental authority."
Hasbix (likewise alluded to as "we", "us", "the Organization") - Hasbix Analytics s.r.o., enrolled under the registration code 17825741) with lawful office address situated at Litevská 1174/8, Vršovice (Prague 10), 100 00 Prague, Czech Republic. Hasbix may also refer to Hasbix's services, products, websites, content, and other materials for the purposes of this Agreement, depending on the context.
Hasbix Account -  is a functional component of the Platform that the user can access after the verification process is successfully completed. The Customer can use the account to place orders for further exchange operations with Hasbix. Within the scope of providing the service, the Hasbix Account contains information about orders that have been placed and canceled, exchanges that have been completed and other user information.
Hasbix Account Data -  consists of the login, password, email address, two-factor authentication (if enabled), and any other information Hasbix deems necessary for account access.
Law - Hasbix, the User, and their respective operations are subject to all applicable laws, regulations, judgments, decrees, treaties, ordinances, orders and rulings, interpretations, and policy statements from any regulatory or self-regulatory organization, authority, agency, or body.
Order -  is a bid or offer made through the website, indicating the user's willingness to participate in an Exchange on the Hasbix Platform and receive the order amount's cryptocurrency equivalent in fiat. The Sets of the Clients are chosen the premise of the ongoing business sector pace of a given Cryptographic money Pair where the Fiat Assets are gotten.
Party, Parties -  Hasbix and/or the User, as well as any third parties involved in the User-Hasbix interaction. Among these parties are, but are not limited to: Banking Partners, Liquidity Providers, and Third-Party KYC Tools that Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. uses for customer screening, among other things.
Personal Data - A person's name, address, email address, and banking information are examples of personal data. Anonymized and/or aggregated data that does not identify a specific User are not considered Personal Data.
Platform -  the Hasbix exchange platform, which is accessible online, through an application program interface, or through any other front-end trading interface that Hasbix may establish or permit from time to time to permit authorized trading platform users to conduct transactions.
Privacy Policy -  is a key part of the Agreement and governs how Hasbix collects, stores, distributes, and protects users' personal information. The full text is accessible at the Site in the separate area, demonstrated above in this Arrangement
Representative - an individual's officials, chiefs, individuals, supervisors, workers, specialists as well as any people approved by the Law, protected reports, legal authority or comparative record.
Services -  including all of Hasbix's services.
Transaction - an exchange presented by the Client through the Platform - in one or the other Fiat or Digital money.
User is any individual who has agreed to this Agreement with Hasbix and uses the Website, Platform, and any other Services.
Website: a collection of information, texts, graphic and design elements, images, photos, videos, and other intellectual creations, as well as the information system's collection of computer programs that guarantee this information's accessibility at https://hasbix.com and all of its subdomains.

The parties should interpret any other terms and definitions that are not defined in the agreement's text in accordance with Czech Republic’s law. The meaning of the headings of the clauses, schedule, and paragraphs in this Agreement is unaffected. The Agreement's titles, which do not have any literal legal effect, have been included solely for the purpose of making the text easier to understand.
4. Agreement conditions.

4.1. Hasbix provides the following services to the Users in accordance with this Agreement:

  • Enables access to the Services for the purpose of executing the Exchange Orders;
  • Enables access to the Platform's Hasbix Account as well as the Website;
  • Consists of information that is required to utilize the Platform and execute Exchange Orders.

4.2. Other services that are specified in this Agreement and/or that are periodically made available on the Website or within the Platform may be provided by Hasbix under the terms of this Agreement.
4.3. Additionally, Hasbix retains the authority to select operating markets and jurisdictions, as well as to deny or restrict access to the Services in certain nations in accordance with applicable laws; guidelines and the company's internal policies (for more information, please see the "Eligibility" section below).
4.4. Hasbix maintains all authority to alter or change the Arrangement whenever and at its only watchfulness. By changing the date on this page and updating the revised Agreement on the website at https://hasbix.com, Hasbix will give notice of these changes. After the relevant changes to this Agreement have been added to the Agreement on the website, they will take effect immediately. The most recent version of the policy is always available on the website. As a result, your continued use of Hasbix's services and website constitutes your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions. In the event that you consent to no alteration to this Arrangement, you should quit utilizing the Site and our Administrations. Hasbix urges you to consistently screen the Arrangement in the devoted segment of the site, to guarantee you know about the ongoing Agreements, which are material to your utilization of the site, and the Administrations of the Platform

5. Fee policy

5.1. Before making use of the Services, all Users must sign up for a Hasbix Account at https://hasbix.com. You must accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in addition to providing your real name, email address, and password in order to register for a Hasbix Account. The organization may, in its only attentiveness, decline to open a record for you, without giving any intricate data concerning the purpose for rejecting the record opening. When opening a Hasbix Account, you agree to provide Hasbix with complete and accurate information and to promptly update any information you provide so that Hasbix always has accurate and complete information about you. Each registration is limited to a single user, and each user, including any legal entity, can only have one active Hasbix Account.
5.2. By registering for a Hasbix Account, you consent to providing personal information required for identity verification. This information is used specifically to stop people from using the Platform for money laundering, financing of terrorist organizations, fraud, or any other illegal activity. In accordance with our published Privacy Policy, we will only collect, use, and disclose this information to our third-party service providers or law enforcement agencies upon legally justifiable request. You agree to allow us to keep a record of such information for the period of maintaining an active business relationship with us (i.e. for the period while your Hasbix profile is active in our system), as well as for five years after the closure of your Hasbix Account, as explicitly prescribed by Act no. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, as amended. This will help us comply with global industry standards for data retention. Throughout the duration of your business relationship with us, you grant us permission to conduct any additional research that we deem necessary to confirm your identity or to guard you and/or us against financial crimes like fraud.
5.3. A preliminary customer questionnaire, in which you are required to provide the following personal information about yourself, is part of the identity verification information that we request. The primer client survey is comparative for both a Singular Client enrolling, and a Delegate of a Lawful Substance, who is either a recipient of an enlisting business, or has been approved to address the business on a premise of a composed goal.

  • Full name 
  • E-mail address 
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Permanent residential address and country of residence
  • PEP status (yes/no)
  • Status as a US tax resident (yes/no)

By providing this required information, you warrant that it is true and accurate. After you register, you are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. Hasbix has the right to send you a notice to demand corrections, remove relevant information directly, and, in some cases, terminate all or part of the Services to you if there is any reasonable doubt that any information you have provided is incorrect, untrue, outdated, or incomplete. If you are unable to be reached through the provided contact information, you will be solely and completely liable for any losses or costs incurred while using the Hasbix Services. You thus recognize and concur that you have the commitment to stay up with the latest assuming there are any changes.
5.4. The User can begin the verification process after completing the preliminary questionnaire. Our third-party KYC service provider handles the technical aspects of the process. Depending on the total amount of Exchange Orders a User intends to place at the Platform, the verification process is broken down into several stages. SDD (Simplified Due Diligence) and EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) are the steps in the Customer Verification Procedure that the company divides into.
When a Client first creates an account on the Platform and presses the "Verify" button, the SDD Procedure kicks in. The Client is required to submit either of the following documents for the GDPR-compliant third-party service provider to conduct an automatic KYC check after completing the aforementioned questionnaire:

  • a Citizen's Passport for a country where it could be used as a travel document, or an International Passport for countries where cross-border travel requires a separate passport.
  • an identification card;
  • a card for a residence permit;
  • an alien’s passport of a foreign country;
  • a driving permit issued in Czech Republic;
  • a driving license that was issued in a different country if it has the user's name, picture or facial image, signature or image of a signature, date of birth, or personal identification code on it; 
  • Pass a "Liveness" check conducted by a third-party service provider with a Military ID. 
  • During the "Liveness" check, a device with a working camera and microphone is used.
  • a Military ID
  • Pass a “Liveness” check via a third party service provider. The “Liveness” check involves the use of a device with a working camera and a microphone.

The Client, who is an individual, can proceed to placing an Exchange Order on the platform once the successful document verification via the third-party service provider has been completed. In contrast, a representative of a legal entity should click the appropriate "Corporate Verification" button in the Profile to move on to the Corporate Verification. The following documents must be submitted for the Corporate Verification:
Certificate of Incorporation
·          Articles/Memorandum of Association
·          Shareholders/Directors Registry
·          Extract from Register of Legal Entities
·          Latest Annual Financial Report
·          POA Business – Utility Bill or a Bank Statement, dated not older than three months
·          Bank account statement for 6 months
·          Certificate of Good Standing/Incumbency
·              Funds Flow Chart – should include the main partners of a Legal Entity
·          Estimated Transaction Volumes
·          Ownership Structure – should indicate all of the Beneficiaries of a Legal Entity
If the Register of Legal Entities of the country of incorporation of an incoming Corporate Client does not recognize or issue such certain types of documents as are requested by Hasbix, the Company reserves the right to either request additional documents from a Legal Entity in accordance with the corporate onboarding procedure or permit the Legal Entity to omit certain documents from the package. In either case, the Company reserves the right to make these requests. Only if a legal entity is able to provide the missing documents with replacements makes the omission possible.
5.5 Under two general types of circumstances, the company would implement EDD procedures as part of the continuation of the commercial relationship with a User:

  •  When a user is not a citizen or a resident of a country in the EU or the EEA.
  •  Any other situation in which the business deems an EDD procedure necessary. These situations are decided by the internal risk scoring system, which gives each registered and verified Hasbix user a unique risk profile. Within the scope of the EDD, the company reserves the right to ask the user to submit any files or other actions before or during an ongoing business relationship with a client.

To continue using the account, the user must perform additional actions during the EDD procedure. The following actions must be taken by the user if a user profile has been subjected to an EDD protocol:

  • Submit the document indicating the Source of Funds for the upcoming transactions. Complete an additional questionnaire with multiple-choice questions about the Client's current employment status, the source of funds for the upcoming Exchange Orders, and information about the volumes of upcoming transactions. Within the scope of the execution of the Exchange Order, the Company requires Users to submit the Bank Statements from the Bank Accounts that were used to transfer funds to Hasbix. A Bank proclamation, submitted as a Wellspring of Assets report ought to obviously show how the assets which were moved or which are intended to be moved to Hasbix collected. The following is a list of the company's acknowledged legitimate sources of funding: Dividends, salaries, sales of securities and real estate, loans, inheritance, employee bonuses, and any other legitimate sources of money that can be seen on the bank statement. If it's not too much trouble, note that the rundown gave above isn't comprehensive. Without a clear legal foundation or supporting documentation, the company does not accept funds from cash deposits made to the user's bank account or from transfers made by third parties to the user's account.  The company reserves the right to request additional documents beyond the Bank Statement to verify the legitimacy of the Source of Funds, such as the Employment Contract or the Certificate of the Sale of Shares. As proof of address, the company accepts the following documents: bank statement, building society or credit card statement, solicitor's letter confirming recent house purchase or land registry confirmation (in this case, proof of previous address will also be required), Revenue & Customs (Inland Revenue) tax document (e.g. tax assessment, statement of account, notice of coding), and household utility bill (gas, electricity, water, or fixed line telephone, landline bill). On the application date, the submitted documents should not be older than three months and include the Client's name and current address.
  • The Client may be asked (subject to the internal decision of the Company) to perform either of the following actions following completion of the additional questionnaire and submission of the Source of Funds document:
  •  Pass a third-party service provider's "Liveness" test. During the "Liveness" check, a device with a working camera and microphone is used.
  • The electronic signature, which complies with the European Union's eIDAS standards, can be used to sign the EDD questionnaire. According to the eIDAS, an electronic signature must meet the following four primary requirements: The signer must be linked to the signature in a unique way; The data used to create the electronic signature must be under the sole control of the signatory; After the message has been signed, the signature needs to be able to tell if the data that goes along with it has been altered; The signature must be invalidated if the accompanying data has been altered. https://ec.europa.eu/cefdigital/wiki/display/EIDCOMMUNITY/Overview+of+pre-notified+and+notified+eID+schemes+under+eIDAS contains the complete list of EU nations that have implemented a national standard for the electronic signature. Please be aware that Hasbix does not currently recognize any electronic signature standard other than the EEA-implemented eIDAS standard.
  •  Utilizing a third-party service provider, scan the biometric data on the Identity Document's chip to confirm the previously submitted Identification Document during the SDD procedure. A device that supports the NFC data transmission protocol and an Identification Document containing a chip containing the user's biometric data are required for the biometric verification check. The User is required to test their ID against a smartphone or other device with an NFC antenna as part of the biometric data check. If the user's device has an NFC antenna and the identification document contains a biometric data chip, no additional software or hardware is required.
  • Direct some other computerized ID strategy, which Hasbix might consider important to lay out that the Profile of the Client is truly worked by the individual, who has led the SDD system at Hasbix.
  • An individual or an authorized representative of a legal entity can use any of the aforementioned methods of identification. After the means of the EDD strategies were all played out, the EDD methodology is considered shut. After the EDD procedure, the company reserves the right to terminate the client's business relationship without informing the client of the reasons for the termination.

5.6. Users of the Platform who are undergoing the verification and data collection procedures are exempt from paying for them.
5.7. By creating a Hasbix account, you grant Hasbix permission to conduct any research it deems necessary to verify your identity or safeguard Hasbix and/or you against fraud or other financial crimes, as well as to take any action it reasonably deems necessary based on the results of such research. This authorization can be granted either directly or through third parties. Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that Hasbix may disclose your personal information to financial crime agencies or third-party vendors (limited to KYC service providers and financial institutions with which Hasbix has established a commercial relationship) in accordance with applicable legislation, such as the Czech Republic’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing law or any other applicable European Directive.
5.8. In an effort to safeguard User funds that have been entrusted to us, Hasbix has implemented industry-standard safeguards for the Services. However, individual User actions pose risks in addition to the general risks of transmitting private data via the Internet. You agree to keep your registered email address and password, which are your access credentials, a secret and not to share them with anyone else. Additionally, you agree that you will be solely accountable for safeguarding your registered email address and password to your Hasbix Account. To further enhance profile security, the company strongly encourages all users to enable the Google Two-Step Verification feature in their accounts. Please be aware that neither Hasbix representatives nor any of our third-party vendors or service providers would ever ask you to provide them with your account credentials. This Agreement would be breached if the credentials for the User Account were given to an unauthorized third party.
5.9. You are solely responsible for everything that happens on your Hasbix Account, and Hasbix is not liable for any loss or consequences resulting from the unauthorized or authorized use of your Hasbix Account credentials, including, but not limited to, information disclosure, information posting, consenting to or submitting various rules and agreements by clicking on the website, online agreement renewal, and other similar actions.
5.10. By creating a Hasbix Account, you consent to the following:

  • If you discover any unauthorized use of your Hasbix Account or password by a third party, or any other security breach, you will immediately notify Hasbix.

When you complete the required steps at the conclusion of each visit, you will log out of the Website.
6. Service fees, taxation.

6.1. The Platform's Service Fee applies to Hasbix's Exchange Orders. Up to 15% of the User's payment is deducted from the Exchange Order processing fee. Both Buy and Sell orders are subject to the same flat commission rate.
6.2. Any taxes you pay as a result of using our services or website will be entirely your responsibility. You agree to shield Hasbix from any claims, penalties, or liabilities relating to withholding taxes at the source of payment, labor and employment law requirements, and liabilities relating to taxes at the source of payment imposed by the relevant tax authorities on Hasbix in relation to any funds paid or received.
6.3. Your Hasbix Account will be updated to reflect the open Order and its status once an Order to execute an Exchange using the Services (an "Exchange Order") is placed. The following is a list of the various statuses of a placed order:

  • Awaiting Payment indicates that the user's payment is awaiting receipt; 
  • Top-up indicates that the user's payment has been received and confirmed; 
  • Exchange indicates that the client's funds were transferred for conversion into fiat or cryptocurrency; 
  • Completed indicates that the exchange order has been completed and funds have been sent to the client 
  • 6.4. If you cancel an order you placed through the Services before it has been given the "Exchange" status, you can only do so. You can't change, withdraw, or cancel your authorization for Hasbix to complete your order after it has been given the "Exchange" status. After you have submitted an order, Hasbix reserves the right to deny any cancellation request that is associated with that order.
    6.5. The fees stipulated in this Agreement will be paid by you to Hasbix. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, Hasbix reserves the right to alter the Fees or pricing principles at any time in its sole discretion. Any Exchange Orders will be subject to the most recent Fees. By signing this agreement, you grant Hasbix permission to deduct any outstanding fees from your Hasbix Account.

7. Utilization of the Services

7.1. By using the Services, you agree to the following terms:

  • You will not violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance, or regulation, or assist any other party in violating one;
  • Attempt to intentionally defraud Hasbix or other Hasbix users, or assist in their defrauding;
  • Provide information that is false, inaccurate, or misleading;
  • Take any action that tampers with, intercepts, or steals data, information, or systems;
  • Upload or transmit a virus, worm, or other malicious program;
  • Endeavor to acquire unapproved admittance to other Hasbix Records, Hasbix Site, or any connected organizations or frameworks;
  • Unless you and Hasbix expressly agree otherwise, you may not use the Services on behalf of any third party or otherwise act as an intermediary between Hasbix and any third party;
  • Attempt to access the profiles of other Hasbix users or collect any user information from them, including email addresses,
  • Harass, defame, or infringe on the privacy or intellectual property rights of Hasbix or any of its users.

7.2. During normal business hours, orders placed on Hasbix will typically be fulfilled in accordance with section 9's conditions. When Hasbix reopens, orders placed during planned or unplanned downtime will be processed using commercially reasonable efforts. During downtime, Hasbix reserves the right to reject or cancel any orders that have been placed or are pending.
7.3. Delays, difficulties, and/or conditions affecting the transmission or execution of orders over which Hasbix has no control, such as technical or electronic failure on the part of third-party service providers, disruptions in the supply of electricity, the inability to operate the Internet network, or market congestion, may affect orders, and Hasbix is not responsible for them.
7.4. In addition, you are accountable for all activity, including transactions, that is posted to your Hasbix Account and for maintaining the confidentiality of your Hasbix Account information, including your password. In the event that there is any dubious action connected with your Hasbix Record, we may, yet are not committed to, demand extra data from you, including extra solicitation for the Recognizable proof archives, and to freeze any exchange until the unexpected checks are acted in full. You are committed to follow these security demands, or acknowledge end of your Hasbix Record. Any unauthorized use of your Hasbix Account or password, as well as any other security breach, must be reported to us immediately via email. We or any other user of the Hasbix Platform may terminate any user who breaks these rules and is held liable for any losses.

8. Eligibility

8.1. All Users are strongly encouraged to read the Agreement before using the Website(s) and to check the appropriate box to indicate that they understand and agree with the policies outlined in it. Any acknowledgment of the current Terms, communicated by checking the crate, is deciphered as though the Client has perused and grasped the Arrangement in full.
8.2. Although you can view content on the Website(s) without registering, you may be required to register and create a Hasbix Account in order to use any Platform service. Selecting a password, verifying an email address, and choosing a login ßare all part of this procedure.
8.3. You warrant and represent that, by registering a Hasbix Account (as defined in section 8 below),:

  • You have provided us with truthful, up-to-date, complete, and accurate information;
  • You are at least 18 years old or the age required by law to enter into a legally binding contract;
  • You are not in violation of any laws in your country or in Czech Republic when you use the Services;
  • You are legally competent to enter into this Agreement as an individual, legal entity, or other formation;
  • You have not been banned from using our Platform or Services in the past;
  • At Hasbix, you do not own any other accounts. The use of multiple accounts for a single user is explicitly forbidden on the Platform;
  • You should have a written authorization for the opening of an account from the company director or a member of the management board if you are a legal entity representative who is not a beneficiary of the company. The written claim that you are authorized to enter into a commercial relationship with the Company, in addition to specifying your name and position within the company, should be included in the authorization. If the company deems it sufficient, it may also be accepted in its free form. The resolution authorizing you to open and manage the account on behalf of the legal entity that you are representing must include the person's name, signature, and the date of signing. 

8.4. Consider that your use of the Platform, the Website, and the Services is subject to international control requirements and the terms of international economic sanctions imposed by various global authorities. You agree to comply with these restrictions whenever you send, receive, buy, sell, or trade digital assets through the Platform or at any other location. You are completely denied from taking part in Return or submitting the separate Requests at the Platform or utilize any of the Services under the circumstances where:

  • You are a natural person listed (not necessarily a US resident or citizen) on the U.S. Treasury Department's Specially Designated Nationals List, the U.S. Commerce Department's Denied Persons List, or the EU or UK Treasury's financial sanctions regime. You are in, under the control of, or a resident of, or a national of, one of the FATF prohibited-risk and other monitored jurisdictions, jurisdictions that directly prohibit the use of cryptocurrency, or other jurisdictions that have The company uses a variety of domestic (EU and non-EU) sanction lists as part of its Customer Due Diligence Procedures, so the aforementioned list should not be taken as the sole source of information regarding the company's monitoring of its sanction regime;
  • You reside in, are controlled by, or are a national of an unrecognized or only partially recognized country or territory;
  • After familiarizing yourself with the current Agreement, you acknowledge that you would not be able to comply with Hasbix's policies or any potential requests for maintaining the commercial relationship with you.

8.5. Hasbix isn't answerable for or could be considered responsible for the disappointment of the Clients to agree with the regulation of the nations of their home. You are solely responsible for adhering to your nation's laws, which include, but are not limited to, laws regarding cryptocurrency possession, taxation, and asset disclosure requirements.
8.6. In addition, Hasbix reserves the right to apply enhanced due diligence measures in relation to individuals who are in, under the control of, or are residents or nationals of one of the sanction risk jurisdictions, as well as to restrict or prohibit the use of the Platform and/or the Services for certain jurisdictions if applicable law or our AML/CTF or AML-KYC Policy procedures will require for such prohibition or restriction.
8.7. Hasbix reserves the right to request additional information about your organization, including the scope of the activity, at any time if you are a representative of a legal entity authorized to maintain a commercial relationship with the Company by the respective legal entity's Management Board. You acknowledge and agree that Hasbix reserves the right to cross-check the submitted data against publicly accessible, dependable, and independent sources.
8.8. We claim all authority to close your Hasbix Record and disallow you from utilizing the Site (s) whenever and under any circumstance at our only circumspection, without earlier warning made.

9. Requirements for using the account

9.1. After signing up for the Platform and gaining access to your Hasbix Account, you will be able to conduct business on your own. You will also be able to place Exchange Orders on the platform, which will be executed immediately upon receipt of the bank transfer if the User does not cancel their account in advance.
9.2. A Hasbix Account can only be used by the person whose name it is registered under in accordance with this Agreement. If Hasbix suspects that an account is being used by someone other than the registered user, the company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block that account. If you suspect or learn of an unauthorized use of your user name, password, or any other data in your Hasbix Account, you must notify Hasbix right away. If a third party uses your Hasbix Account without your permission, Hasbix will not be responsible for any damages or losses.
9.3. Using only your Hasbix Account, all Hasbix Account operations are carried out at your request in a proper manner via the Platform. Except for Order placement directly within the User Profile, Hasbix does not accept requests from third parties to carry out any operations with your Hasbix Account (i.e., requests made outside of your Hasbix Account). Hasbix also does not accept Exchange Orders placed via your registered email address or any other communication method
10. User’s flow and Exchange procedure

The following section elaborates on the detailed user flow, encompassing every step from initial registration to the successful receipt of our services.

1. Registration Process:

   - Users commence their journey with Hasbix by completing a registration process, inputting essential information such as their name, surname, and email address.

2. Verification Process:

   - Following successful registration, users start verification process, including a Customers Due Diligence (CDD) check.

   - Customers are required to submit valid identification documents, choosing from options like a national ID, residence permit, passport, or driving license.

   - A detailed questionnaire is presented to users, covering various aspects pertinent to our compliance protocols.

   - Users undergo a liveness check to further enhance the robustness of our verification process.

   - All the provided documents from customer go through screening by using the third-party providers.

   - Ongoing monitoring ensures that our users' accounts are consistently scrutinized for any changes in their status against these lists.

3. Order Placement:

    Users can choose between two primary service options:

     - Exchange fiat to crypto

     - Exchange crypto to fiat

4. Invoice and Payment:

   - After placing an order, customers receive a detailed invoice through our platform.

   - Prior to making a payment, customers are required to provide details of their crypto wallet.

   - All the provided information regarding crypto wallets go through screening by using the third-party providers.

5. Bank Details Verification:

   - Customers are urged to exercise caution and meticulously review the provided bank details before proceeding with any payment.

   - Hasbix emphasises that in the event of a customer mistakenly providing the wrong crypto wallet or sending funds to incorrect bank details, the responsibility for such errors rests solely with the customer.

10.1. You must transfer funds in accordance with the Exchange Order placement procedure in order to ensure the acceptance of funds  in Hasbix Analytics:

  • A registered and verified Hasbix user must access the Platform through their Profile. 
  • The user must select either the Buy or Sell section and indicate the amount they are willing to exchange. The client's willingness to convert a fiat amount into a cryptocurrency should be specified when purchasing cryptocurrency in either of the available fiat currencies. While selling the Cryptographic money, the sum in the separate Cryptographic money to be sold ought to be shown, alongside the ideal repayment Government issued money.
  • If you exchange fiat/crypto on Hasbix (www.hasbix.com) or plan to do so, you might wonder if there are any minimum deposit limits on Hasbix.
    The minimum fiat/crypto deposit on Hasbix - 50 euro.
  • When it comes to closing the Exchange Order, the User has one payment option which is a direct transfer of Fiat or Cryptocurrency to Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. bank information or wallet address. If the Client opts for direct payment, the Exchange Order settlement will be processed within 15 to 30 minutes of receiving the notification from Hasbix Analytics about reception of Fiat transfer of a customer (normally 1-3 business days for SEPA reception); SWIFT – 2-5 business days) or when the cryptocurrency payment receives enough confirmations from the relevant network (point 9.3 of this Agreement). Based on the conditions outlined in Section 7 of this Agreement, the company reserves the right to request Source of Funds documents from a user, as previously mentioned.

10.2. Move of Assets during Hasbix Record Keeping, as well as while executing Exchanges among you and Hasbix, may be completed by outsiders (electronic cash establishments, installment specialist co-ops, banks and so forth.). By conducting its own KYB procedures, Hasbix prudently maintains the network of partners and ensures their compliance with Czech Republic’s and EU AML/CFT standards, GDPR compliance, and data security standards. However, Hasbix will not be held responsible for their actions. You will be responsible for paying commissions and service fees associated with the transfer of funds, and you will also be responsible for any risks that may arise from providing incorrect payment information.
The User must provide the correct IBAN and BIC/SWIFT of Hasbix's current account, which the Client will receive when placing an Exchange Order, as well as the unique Profile ID associated with the Client's account at Hasbix, when making a Fiat deposit. After placing the Exchange Order, the Client should only send money to the bank information they have received. Hasbix uses a system known as an automatic payment routing system. This system determines, based on a variety of factors, which bank information the client should send the money to. Clients who place multiple Exchange Orders in a row are more than likely to receive bank information from multiple Hasbix payment partners; however, Clients should always use the most recent information. Hasbix reserves the right to deny processing of a payment that was sent with bank information that is different from what the Client received from the system for the specific Exchange Order. In the event of such a refusal, the funds for the order would be returned to the user within three working days for SEPA payments and five working days for SWIFT payments from the point at which Hasbix received the funds, subject to delays that Hasbix cannot control (such as bank holidays or technical disruptions on the part of Hasbix's payment service providers).
The Client should always cross-verify the wallet address which is provided by the Client. We unequivocally recommend against entering the objective wallet address physically. If you send cryptocurrency to a wallet address other than the one specified in the deposit instructions, you risk losing the cryptocurrency for good. If an incorrect wallet address is entered, Hasbix assumes no liability for the resulting loss of Digital Assets. Please be aware that any cryptocurrency transaction cannot be reversed.
10.3. Hasbix Record store will be considered to be finished while the relating measure of Assets is gotten to the separate Client's Hasbix Record on the Platform. According to the information in the appropriate section of the user's Hasbix Account on the Platform, the number of confirmations required for the full transfer of cryptocurrency to the Hasbix Account may differ from the number required to reflect funds on the Hasbix Account. In that case, Hasbix is not responsible for providing Users with any pre-notifications regarding these changes.
10.4. Customers' payments received by Hasbix may be processed automatically if they differ from the order amount; in this case, the order will be processed based on the actual amount received.

11. Usage of Virtual IBANs on platform

Hasbix Analytics offers you the opportunity to enhance your cryptocurrency purchasing experience by facilitating transactions in Euro (EUR) through SEPA bank transfers. This process involves the utilization of Virtual International Bank Account Numbers (vIBANs) assigned at the discretion of Hasbix Analytics. The customers must be informed that Hasbix Analytics is not a Financial institution (nor Bank or EMI)

11.1 SEPA Bank Transfer: Upon order placement within our Platform, customers can choose to execute cryptocurrency transactions through SEPA bank transfer remittance to the dedicated account provided in the payment details section. The specific banking details for each transaction are determined by Hasbix Analytics. These details, however, do not constitute a current account opening for customers in any Banking or Electronic Money institution where Hasbix Analytics. holds an account. This condition also applies to payments made via SWIFT.

11.2 Payment Authorization: Customers must ensure that payments are made exclusively from accounts for which they are the registered beneficial owners. Hasbix Analytics. does not accept payments made by unauthorized third parties on behalf of the customer.

11.3 Virtual IBANs (vIBANs): In addition to traditional banking details, customers may be issued a vIBAN for processing fiat funds through their Hasbix account. It is important to note that the issuance of a vIBAN does not constitute the opening of a current account in an Electronic Money Institution, and the functionality of vIBANs does not replicate a customary bank account.

11.4 Third-Party Payment Partners: Hasbix Analytics may collaborate with licensed third-party payment partners to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of vIBANs. Despite being issued in the customer's name, vIBANs do not grant access to managing fiat funds as one would with a customary bank account.

11.5 Acknowledgment and Agreement: By using vIBANs, customers explicitly acknowledge and accept these terms. Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. retains the right to determine the issuance and usage of vIBANs at its sole discretion. Customers are advised to comprehend that vIBANs are a specialized tool for processing bank transactions and do not confer the same functionality as a conventional bank account. 

12. Risk notification and determining the exchange rate

12.1. There is a lot of risk involved in trading cryptocurrencies and real or virtual assets. On any given day, prices can and do vary. Your assets' value could rise or fall depending on these price swings at any given time. The value of any currency, virtual or not, can fluctuate greatly and even become worthless. There is an innate gamble that misfortunes will happen because of trading anything on a market, as well as in the event of holding the resources.
12.2 It is important to note that the aggregated data from a network of liquidity providers with whom Hasbix has established a commercial relationship determines the exchange rate that the client at Hasbix can observe. This is within the scope of the preceding. When the client's funds are converted into the ordered currency, the precise exchange rate at which an Exchange Order of the User is executed is set in the Exchange Order window. The Exchange Order processing's entire chronology is recorded in the Profile.
12.3. Trading in cryptocurrencies also carries unique risks that are not typically associated with dealing in goods, commodities, or fiat money. Dissimilar to most Government issued currency, which are supported by states or other legitimate elements, or by products, for example, gold or silver, Cryptographic forms of money are an interesting sort of Cash, upheld by innovation and trust. In the event of a crisis, there is no central bank that can increase the value of cryptocurrencies or take corrective action.
12.4. Cryptocurrency markets are frequently susceptible to irrational (or rational) bubbles or a lack of confidence, which could reduce supply in relation to demand. For instance, a deflationary or inflationary spiral, unanticipated changes imposed by software developers or others, a government crackdown, the development of superior competing alternative currencies, or other factors could cause confidence in cryptocurrencies to decline. Additionally, technical issues may cause confidence to deteriorate: if the system's anonymity is compromised, if money is lost or stolen, or if governments or hackers are able to stop transactions from being settled.
12.5. There may also be additional risks that this Agreement does not anticipate or identify.
12.6. You are aware, in light of the foregoing, that all transactions involving cryptocurrencies are irreversible, and that funds received or sent during a transaction cannot be reversed. Any Order that is marked as complete cannot be canceled, reversed, or modified.
12.7. You acknowledge that Hasbix does not provide advice or recommendations and that you are solely responsible for determining the nature, potential value, suitability, and appropriateness of these risks for you. The use, transfer, exchange, and value of digital assets may be adversely affected by state, federal, or international legislative and regulatory actions. You acknowledge that digital asset transactions may be subject to high risks and may result in the loss of your funds, as the price and liquidity of digital assets have been subject to significant fluctuations in the past and may be subject to significant fluctuations in the future.

13. Actions related to the investigation of suspicious, fraudulent, or illegal activities.

  1. Close Order requests and block them;
  2. Putting a hold on your Hasbix account;
  3. Submitting a report of the incident to a government agency;
  4. Unveiling the supposed infringement and moves that have been made to Administrative Power;
  5. Erasing any infringing information you have published or provided.

13.1. You are required to notify Hasbix immediately and follow the instructions sent by Hasbix if you discover suspicious activity or operations. Otherwise, Hasbix reserves the right to suspend access to the Hasbix Account until the investigation is concluded.
13.2. By using the Service, you grant Hasbix permission to conduct an investigation into any violation of this Agreement, determine for itself whether you have violated this Agreement, and implement any applicable rules without your consent or prior notice.
13.3. Except for network issues or issues caused by third-party service providers' technical issues, you acknowledge and agree that fund transfers in fiat currency may be delayed. If such issues arose, Hasbix would inform you of their existence.
13.4. In the event of fraud, illegal activity, or the User's non-fulfillment or excessive fulfillment of the Agreement, Hasbix reserves the right to suspend the User's Hasbix Account and block any Cryptocurrency or/and Fiat currency that may be contained therein.
13.5. On account of misrepresentation, Hasbix embraces to report all the essential data, including names, locations and any remaining mentioned data, to the important specialists managing extortion and breaks of the law.
13.6. Hasbix reserves the right to conduct an internal investigation into the user and his or her transactions in order to clarify all of the circumstances surrounding such transactions and gather evidence of proof or refutation of such illegal activities in the event that Hasbix suspects fraudulent, illegal, or any other user activity that violates this Agreement.
13.7. Hasbix has the right to request from the user any data and documents related to the transactions, as well as the user's identification, address, and region of residence, bank accounts, confirmation of the legality of the source of funds, ownership of cryptocurrency or fiat money, and any other data and documents necessary to verify the legality of the transactions and the user's adherence to the law.
13.8. In order to determine whether or not a user's actions on the Hasbix Platform are legal, the user agrees to provide Hasbix with the requested information and documentation.
13.9. The User is obligated to provide all data and documents Hasbix requests in the terms and format Hasbix specifies. Hasbix reserves the right to make a decision regarding the user and his or her Hasbix Account at its sole discretion, and the user's submission of the requested data and documents does not guarantee the elimination of any suspicions of illegal activity.
13.10. Hasbix reserves the right to suspend the user's access to Hasbix services and block the user's Hasbix account if the user fails to provide the requested information.
13.11. Hasbix stores and processes all of the documents and data that users provide in full compliance with the GDPR and Czech Republic’s law. This kind of data is only used by Hasbix to look into and find fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illegal activities. The requirements of the GDPR and legislation pertaining to the protection and storage of personal data will not be violated by any Hasbix requests for data and documents for the purpose of investigating and confirming the legality of transactions.
13.12. Users also acknowledge that their Hasbix Account may be blocked at any time at the request of any competent authority conducting an investigation into fraud or any other illegal activity in accordance with the laws or regulations in effect at the time.
14. External links.

The fee for Buy/Sell Request execution has the potential to reach up to 15% of the total order amount. This commission rate remains consistent for both Buying and Selling transactions.
The Transaction Fee is imposed on Buy/Sell Requests conducted on the Hasbix platform. The fee for handling Buy/Sell Requests is subject to variability, influenced by factors such as the Current Average Trade Value for a specific trade pair, the magnitude of the Transaction Queue, and the Rates Applicable to Hasbix established by the Financials Institutions tasked with receiving and handling fiat payments.

15. Policy on refunds and recalls

15.1. Occasionally relevant only to wire transfers made to Hasbix, such as the following: 1) disappointment of the Client to give the pertinent KYC reports expected by Hasbix; ( 2) If the client decides to cancel the order, Hasbix may cancel the wire transfer order. If Hasbix has already received funds from the Client in connection with the order, it will refund those funds to the Client, less any applicable third-party payment service provider commissions, in the event that Hasbix cancels the order.
15.2. After deducting any costs or expenses Hasbix incurred as a result of the transfer, such as fees for wire transfers, currency exchange, and/or payment processing, the refund will be sent back to the same source from which it came. As long as the client provides us with the necessary documentation and information to verify that the account to which the funds were requested to be refunded belongs to the client, the funds of the client may, at Hasbix's sole discretion, be returned to another source of which the client is the beneficiary. The company expressly prohibits the processing of refunds to third parties, even with the consent of the client. In addition, if a client requests that a refund be sent to a cryptocurrency wallet address or current account other than the one used to make a deposit, the client is required to provide a written justification for the reasons behind using a different cryptocurrency wallet address or current account for the receipt of a refund. The company reserves the right to request any additional supporting documentation (such as a confirmation that the current account that was used to make a deposit has been closed). If the client's justification is deemed insufficient or yields significant grounds to deem this request as suspicious from the standpoint of the AML/CFT legislation of Czech Republic, the company reserves the right to refuse to send a refund to the client's bank details or cryptocurrency wallet address (previously not used to make a deposit).
15.3. Hasbix may verify all payments and information pertaining to the aforementioned refund in order to comply with regulations regarding anti-money laundering and terrorist financing as well as any other regulations and to prevent prohibited conduct. In such a case, Hasbix may, at its sole discretion, ask the client for specific documents and information, such as identification documents, a copy of the credit card or bank information, and/or any other evidence necessary to effect the refund. Hasbix reserves the right to halt the refund process until the client takes the necessary steps as requested in the event that the client fails to provide the required documents or information or if Hasbix has any doubts about the authenticity of the documents or information provided.
15.4. Despite the foregoing, Hasbix reserves the right to refuse any request for a refund or cancel the order without providing a refund if it has reason to believe that the Client is involved in fraudulent or illegal activity in any way.
15.5. If the Client does not fail to provide Hasbix with any information and/or documentation required in order to process the refund, the refund will be processed without undue delay and in any event within seven (seven) business days of the order cancellation, subject to the requirements outlined above.
15.6. The Company reserves the right to immediately suspend the Client's Profile in the event of a recall request made via the Client's bank account until the Client provides additional information regarding the request. After a recall request has been received, Hasbix reserves the right to request additional documents from the Client to confirm that the Client does not have any financial claims against Hasbix. If the Client wishes to continue using the Platform's Services, Hasbix may do so.

16. Responsibility for exploiting website, platform, or services' vulnerabilities. Users agrees that:

Users agrees that:

  1. Any endeavors of hacking or different assaults on Hasbix Website, Platform, or Services are considered as wrongdoing whether these activities are completed by Client freely or as a piece of a gathering of people. In addition to having to pay back Hasbix for the financial and reputational harm caused by their actions, the user may face criminal charges.
  2. It is a serious offense to exploit any weaknesses in the Hasbix Website, Platform, or Services, or to take actions that compromise their integrity, security, or performance, as that term is defined by the applicable laws, and it can result in administrative or criminal liability.
  3. It is a criminal offense (fraud) to use the Hasbix Website, Platform, or Services' vulnerabilities for any purpose other than strictly permitted by this Agreement, whether for personal or professional gain, and a criminal case may be brought against the User in accordance with applicable law.
  4. Hasbix suffers direct material (financial) loss as well as reputational damage (damage to the company's reputation) as a result of the use of any vulnerabilities or technical errors on its website, platform, or services. In light of the consequences of distinguishing or potentially wiping out the weakness or specialized mistake, Hasbix will reserve the option to recuperate from the Client how much harm caused (genuine harm as well as lost benefit) in full in the structure of a common claim as per the material regulation;
  5. All intruders (users who have used vulnerabilities or technical errors) will share responsibility for losses caused by Hasbix, including the user themselves, whether the user exploits a vulnerability or technical error on the Hasbix Website, Platform, or Services alone or in a group.
  6. The user agrees to reimburse Hasbix for the amount of money received illegally (accrued a result of using such error or vulnerability) if they use a vulnerability or technical error on the Hasbix website intentionally or unintentionally. The user agrees to compensate (reimburse) the amount of the financial losses.
  7. Regardless of whether Hasbix suffered any material (financial) damage, the user's Hasbix Account will be permanently (indefinitely) blocked if they exploit a vulnerability or technical error in the Hasbix Website, Platform, or Services.

17. Liability.

17.1. Hasbix is not your broker, intermediary, agent, or advisor, and it does not have a fiduciary relationship with you regarding any Exchange Orders or other actions you take with the Services. Hasbix does not intend for any of its communications or information to be interpreted as investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, legal or tax advice, or any other kind of advice. You are solely responsible for determining whether any purchase, sale, or related transaction is appropriate for you based on your personal financial objectives, financial circumstances, and risk tolerance. All trades are executed automatically, based on the parameters of your order instructions, and in accordance with posted trade execution procedures. You ought to counsel your legitimate or burden proficient with respect to your particular circumstance. You should not acquire, earn, trade, or hold any Digital Currency, according to Hasbix's recommendations. Prior to going with the choice to purchase, sell or hold any Computerized Money, or settling on any venture choice you ought to lead your own reasonable level of effort and counsel your monetary consultants. If you use the information Hasbix provides to buy, sell, or hold Digital Currency, Hasbix is not responsible for your actions.
17.2. We offer our services to you strictly "as is," "where is," and "where available" conditions. The Hasbix platform, the information it contains, and the services it offers are not guaranteed to be accurate, complete, up-to-date, merchantable, or fit for a particular purpose by Hasbix. Inaccuracies, incompleteness, delays, interruptions, errors, or omissions, including but not limited to those resulting from the negligence of Hasbix or contingencies beyond their control in procuring, compiling, interpreting, computing, reporting, or delivering services thereon or the information therein, shall not be liable to you or any other person for any loss or injury resulting directly or indirectly from your use of Hasbix or any services provided by Hasbix. Hasbix will not be held responsible for any decisions you make or actions you take as a result of using the website, its services, or the information on it. Hasbix will not be liable to you or anyone else.
17.3. Even if Hasbix was warned of the possibility, it will never be held liable to you for any kind of damages, whether those damages are direct, special, indirect, consequential, or incidental. The transmission of viruses that could infect a user's equipment, the failure of mechanical or electronic equipment or communication lines, a problem with a telephone or other interconnect, unauthorised access, theft, operator errors, strikes or other labor issues, or any force majeure are all included in this limitation on liability. Access to Hasbix or any of its services cannot be guaranteed to be secure, continuous, or uninterrupted, and neither can we.
17.4. Unless Hasbix has committed a material breach of this Agreement, Hasbix shall not be liable for any damages, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of data, or any indirect or consequential loss.
17.5. Hasbix is not responsible for:

  1. User's losses as a result of any transactions;
  2. If the user gives third parties access to their Hasbix account data or loses their Hasbix account data;
  3. User's incorrect entry of information about bank details or cryptocurrency wallet;
  4. Software errors, Internet access interruptions, power outages, hacking attacks, and other events that Hasbix cannot control;
  5. Deletion of data entered by Users into Hasbix's Platform from databases and systems that Hasbix does not control.

17.6. Force majeure, or circumstances that are beyond Hasbix's reasonable control, means that Hasbix is not responsible for any actions or losses, such as the following: riots, insurrections, wars or other acts of war, acts of terror, social unrest, rebellion, fires, floods, vandalism, or sabotage are all examples of embargoes.
17.7. If a user's funds on their Hasbix account were stolen or lost as a result of hacking, hacker attacks (including DDoS attacks, data theft, or destruction), or any other circumstances beyond Hasbix's control, the user agrees that Hasbix will not be held liable or compensate the user.

18. Indemnification.

By accessing and/or using the Website(s), Services, or Content, you agree to indemnify Hasbix, as well as our officers, employees, directors, contractors, and agents, from any claims, basis for judicial claims, lawsuits, or proceedings, losses, liability, damage, costs, and expenses (including attorney fees), as well as any payments made in connection therewith. b) Your violation of this Agreement's terms; c) that you broke any law that was in effect; ( d) Your User Content or e) Your User Interaction You agree to assist and cooperate with Hasbix in protecting or resolving any such issues, and Hasbix may implement control and protection in relation to any matter regarding which you release Hasbix from liability.

19. Miscellaneous.

19.1. This Arrangement comprises the whole understanding between the gatherings in regards to utilization of the Services and will supplant all earlier arrangements between the gatherings whether, composed or oral. The terms of this Agreement will not be modified, interpreted, supplemented, or altered through the use of trade, any other usual practice, or other means of dealing between the parties.
19.2. The other provisions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect, and the invalid or unenforceable portion will be enforced to the greatest extent possible, in the event that any part of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable.
19.3. Without our prior written consent, you may not assign or transfer your rights to use the Services or your obligations under this Agreement, including by operation of law or in connection with a change in control. Without your knowledge or consent, Hasbix may assign or transfer any or all of its obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part.
19.4. A waiver of any breach or default of this Agreement or any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach or default or of the provision itself, nor will it affect a Party's right to require performance of any provision at any time thereafter.
19.5. International export controls and economic sanctions regulations apply to your use of the Hasbix Services and website. By using the Website or the Hasbix Services to send, receive, buy, sell, or store digital currency, you agree to abide by these guidelines. If you are a person on the EU financial sanctions regime, the U.S. Treasury Department's Specially Designated Nationals List or the U.S. Commerce Department's Denied Persons List, Unverified List, or Entity List, or if you intend to supply any acquired or stored Digital Currency or Hasbix Services to a sanctioned country (or a national or resident of a sanctioned country), or a national or resident of Liberia, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, South Sudan, Sudan, Lebanon, Kherson, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia you are not permitted to use any of the Hasbix Services or acquire Digital Currency through
19.6. In the event that any arrangement of this Arrangement is or becomes invalid, unlawful or unenforceable in any regard under the Law of any ward: ( i) whether or not any other provision is valid, legal, and enforceable under the laws of that jurisdiction; And (ii) in no way will this affect the law's legality, enforceability, or validity in any other jurisdiction for that or any other provision. The validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement will not be affected if any court or government agency determines that any provision (or part of any provision) of this Agreement is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable to the extent required.
19.7. Through the Hasbix Services, you are required to keep the information you receive about another user confidential and use it only for the Hasbix Services. If you don't have the user's explicit consent, you can't use or disclose a user's information to a third party or use it for anything other than what's reasonably necessary to complete a transaction and for support, reconciliation, and accounting. Through the Hasbix Services, you may not send unsolicited communications to other users.
19.8. You are liable for keeping your email address or potentially telephone number modern in your Hasbix Record profile to get any notification or cautions that we might send you, including notification or alarms of genuine or thought security breaks.
19.9. You are solely responsible for withholding, collecting, reporting, and submitting the correct amount of tax to the appropriate tax authorities and determining whether or not any taxes apply to any transactions you conduct through Hasbix Services. Your Hasbix Account provides access to your transaction history.
19.10. Any prior arrangements, understandings, or agreements between the Parties regarding the subject matter of the Agreement are superseded by this Agreement and any other documents referred to therein, including the essential parts referred to above. Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement or any other documents referred to therein, neither party relies on any statement, representation, assurance, or warranty (a "presentation") made by any person, whether or not a party to the Agreement.
19.11. You can only assign or transfer your rights, licenses, interests, and/or obligations under this Agreement to yourself. As long as it does not have a significant impact on the quality of the Hasbix Services you receive, we reserve the right to transfer or assign our rights, licenses, interests, and/or obligations at any time, including as part of a Hasbix-related merger, acquisition, or other corporate reorganization. This Agreement will be binding and beneficial to the parties, their permitted assigns, and successors, subject to the foregoing.
19.12. Aside from natural disasters, acts of God, acts of civil or military authorities, acts of terrorists, civil disturbances, war, strike or other labor dispute, fire, interruptions in telecommunications or Internet services or network provider services, failure of equipment and/or software, and any other occurrence that is beyond Hasbix's reasonable control and does not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions, Hasbix shall not be liable for any delays, failure in performance, or interruption of the Service that results directly

20. Regulating jurisdiction and law.

This Agreement will be governed by Czech Republic law and any dispute arising herein is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Czech Republic courts.
Before filing a claim, you agree to try to resolve the dispute informally by contacting Hasbix first through [email protected]. If Hasbix hasn't resolved your claim within 30 days of receiving your notice the dispute shall be resolved at the Municipal Court of Prague under the laws of the Czech Republic.

21. Adherence to local regulations.
The User is responsible for adhering to local laws regarding the legal use of Hasbix in their jurisdiction. In addition, users are responsible for adhering to any and all local laws and regulations pertaining to the collection, reporting, withholding, and remittance of any and all taxes to the appropriate tax authorities. Every one of the people who use Hasbix or any of its services acknowledges and declares that the money they spend comes from a legitimate source and does not come from anything illegal. Hasbix cooperates with law enforcement agencies all over the world and will not hesitate to seize, freeze, or terminate a user's Hasbix account and funds if a legal mandate requires it.

22. Intellectual property.

22.1. Unless otherwise specified herein, all content on this Platform—with the exception of User Content and content from third parties—is Hasbix's and is protected by copyright, patent, trademark, and any other applicable laws. Hasbix and its owners are the owners of the trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos used on the Hasbix Website. Hasbix is the owner of the software, applications, text, images, graphics, data, prices, graphs, and audio and video materials used on this website.
22.2. Hasbix or third parties own trademarks, service marks, and domain names on the website(s). Hasbix owns all registered and unregistered trademarks, service marks, and domain names displayed on the Website (s), including the name Hasbix, our logo, our design, and other graphic images, the corporate identity of the Website, and signs of the origin of Hasbix products and services, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Without our prior written consent, it is strictly forbidden to make use of our intellectual property.
22.3. The software used on the Website is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights of the European Union and other countries, as well as relevant laws, rules, and regulations. The content of the Website (s), which includes text, graphics, logos, images, button labels, and any other intellectual property, both individually and in the form in which they are arranged on the Website (s) (the "Content"), is the property of Hasbix or third parties. Materials Hasbix owns or controls as well as materials controlled by third parties that Hasbix uses under license, such as User Content (as previously mentioned), constitute Content.
22.4. No manual or automated method should be used to copy, reproduce, modify, republish, upload, post, transmit, scrape, collect, or distribute the trademarks and other content on the Hasbix Website.
22.5. It is a violation of this Agreement to use the Content in a way that isn't specifically allowed by it. This could violate copyright laws, trademark rights, and other applicable laws, which could lead to civil or criminal penalties. All copyright notices, restrictions, and notices attached to any Content are yours to abide by.

23. Prohibited use
23.1. You may not utilize your Hasbix Record to take part in the restricted exercises, as determined in the Segment 5.2 of the current Understanding. The specific kinds of use and activity that are listed below are representative, but they are not the only kinds. Kindly present a solicitation to [email protected] on the off chance that you are questionable with regards to whether the action you execute or want to execute at the site is a denied not entirely set in stone by the Organization.
23.2. By creating a Hasbix Account, you agree not to use any Hasbix Services or your Hasbix Account for any of the following:

  1. Activity that would involve the proceeds of any illegal activity or that would violate or assist in violating any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or sanctions programs administered in the countries where Hasbix conducts business, such as the sanctions or restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, the United Nations, the European Union, or the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of Treasury.
  2. Actions taken with the intention of interfering with, intercepting, or appropriating Hasbix's technical infrastructure, data, or information sent to or received from Hasbix.
  3. Password mining or any other illegal method to gain unauthorized access to the Website, other users' Hasbix Accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the Website
  4. Use another user's Hasbix Account information to access or use the Website, or transfer your own Hasbix Account rights to a third party, unless required by law or with Hasbix's explicit permission.
  5. Interfere with the use of any Hasbix Services by another person or entity; abuse, defame, extort, harass, stalk, threaten, or otherwise infringe on the legal rights of other Users, including but not limited to their rights to privacy, publicity, and intellectual property.
  6. Hate, racial intolerance, or violent acts against others by inciting, threatening, facilitating, promoting, or encouraging them; by electronic or other means, harvest or otherwise collect and store information about other users from the Website, including email addresses and any other user private information.
  7. Behavior that aims to defraud Hasbix, its users, or anyone else; give Hasbix any information that is false, incorrect, or misleading.
  8. Use of Hasbix's trade or service names, as well as its intellectual property, name, or logo, without Hasbix's explicit consent or in a manner that otherwise harms Hasbix or its brand; any act that suggests a false endorsement or affiliation with Hasbix, as well as any other unauthorized use of data that could be considered a copyright infringement or a violation of the intellectual property of Hasbix or any third-party service providers of Hasbix.
  9. User content that is (i) illegal, false, misleading, inaccurate, threatening, abusive, malicious, excessively cruel, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, libelous, violating the privacy of third parties, inciting racial or ethnic hatred, or encouraging behavior that would be considered a criminal offense, would entail civil liability, or would otherwise be undesirable is not allowed to be posted or transmitted in any other way; ii) exhibits or encourages the use of narcotics; iii) uses language or images that are offensive; ( iv) You are unable to transfer in accordance with any law or on the basis of any contractual or fiduciary relationships; ( v) jeopardizes any individual's privacy or safety; ( vi) infringes on any individual's intellectual property or other property rights; vii) Is it considered "junk mail," "spam," "letters of happiness," a "financial pyramid scheme," "competition," or "sweepstakes"? viii) is infected with software viruses or any other type of computer code, files, or programs that are intended to disrupt, destroy, or restrict the functionality of any software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment; or on the other hand (ix) by Hasbix's own appraisal is unfortunate, or limits or obstructs the utilization of the Site or the Services by any individual, or which might uncover Hasbix or its Clients to any harm or any obligation.
  10. Infringe on any applicable local, state, national, international, or other laws or regulations, as well as a court order. This includes laws pertaining to intellectual property, the Internet, technology, data, email, and privacy.
  11. Access to the Website(s) and Services from territories where such access is either strictly prohibited or restricted.
  12. Any goods or services that are not specifically permitted to be advertised or offered for purchase to the Company or other Users are prohibited.
  13. Use viruses, Trojans, malicious code, denial of service attacks, IP spoofing, falsification of routing or email address information, or the use of similar methods or technologies to interfere with, disrupt, or harm the Services, servers, or networks connected to the Services, or violate any requirements, procedures, policies, or rules of networks connected to the Services.
  14. Use the Services to share, publish, transmit, or provide information about another user or other person without his permission.
  15. Register a Hasbix Account on behalf of a third party or multiple Hasbix Accounts;
  16. Sell or transfer your username and/or Hasbix Account to a third party.
  17. Falsifying or otherwise distorted information about yourself or your affiliation with any natural or legal person, or attempting to impersonate any natural or legal person.
  18. Use robots or scripts or any other automated device or manual method to extract, collect, monitor, mine, or copy any static or dynamic web pages on the Website (s) or the content contained on any such web page for commercial purposes without first receiving written permission from the company.
  19. Except for your own Client content, (I) use, repeat, copy, duplicate, sell, exchange or utilize the substance; ( ii) manually compile the content using bots, scanners, or spiders; or (iii) delete the text, copyright, and other intellectual property notices from the content in some other way.
  20. Decrypt, decompile, disassemble, analyze, or otherwise attempt to obtain the Website's source code or any of its Services' underlying technical infrastructure.
  21. Create derivative works based on any part of the Services or the Website by modifying, translating, or any other means; or to support or encourage a third party to carry out any of the aforementioned activities;
  22. Utilize the Services in a manner that jeopardizes the business relationships and business reputation of Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. the Platform administered, the Management Board of the Company, directors, employees, or violates the security, property, or rights of other Users or of any third parties, or that causes interruptions or damage to the Website, the Services, or the Platform.

23.3. Hasbix reserves the right to suspend the provision of Services and block any user's Hasbix Account in its sole and absolute discretion and without disclosing the reason in the event of a violation of any terms of this Agreement, applicable laws, regulations, or Hasbix's internal rules and policies, as well as for other reasons that Hasbix deems sufficient.

24. Disclosure and Confidentiality.
24.1. Any Confidential Information regarding Hasbix and its Representatives that you receive as a result of or in connection with this Agreement or any investigations made in connection with it will be kept secret and confidential by you, and if applicable, you will also require your officers, employees, and consultants to comply with this commitment. Confidential Information is exempt from the responsibilities outlined in this section because it: i) You were legally in possession of prior to this Agreement; ( ii) was provided to you voluntarily by a third party, provided that the third party does not violate any obligation not to disclose the information; iii) was made public on Hasbix's own initiative, or iv) is well-known to the general public and was not disclosed in violation of any confidentiality obligations.
24.2. Except as required in the normal course of Hasbix's business, including but not limited to Hasbix's banking or credit relationships, Hasbix will not share or otherwise transfer information regarding users of the Website, Platform, or prospective users.
24.3. Hasbix may disclose your confidential information to authorities in the fields of law enforcement, data protection, government, and other government agencies when:

  1. The law requires it;
  2. To propel by summon, court request or choice, or other legitimate system;
  3. Hasbix is of the opinion that disclosure is required to avoid harm or financial loss;
  4. Exposure is important to report thought criminal behavior;
  5. To investigate violations of this Agreement or any applicable law, disclosure is required.

25. Termination of agreement.
If Hasbix suspects that any Hasbix Accounts are in violation of this Agreement, our Privacy Policy, or any applicable laws and regulations, Hasbix reserves the right to immediately suspend your Hasbix Account (and any accounts beneficially owned by related entities or affiliates), freeze or lock the funds in all such Hasbix Accounts, and suspend your access to Hasbix. You acknowledge and agree that Hasbix shall not be liable to you for any modification, suspension, or termination of your Hasbix Account or access to the Services in whole or in part, whether permanent or temporary. The transaction data and other information about these Hasbix Accounts may be kept and used by Hasbix. The following scenarios may also utilize the aforementioned Hasbix Account controls:

  1. Government proceeding, criminal investigation, or other pending litigation pertains to the Hasbix Account;
  2. Unauthorized access to the Hasbix Account or unusual activity there have been identified by us;
  3. We are expected to do as such by a court request or order by an administrative/government authority.

Hasbix has the right to cancel your Hasbix Account, permanently freeze (cancel) the authorizations associated with your Hasbix Account, and remove the appropriate Hasbix Account from service in the event of any of the following occurrences:

  1. If Hasbix stops providing all of its services to you;
  2. You register as a Hasbix User, either directly or indirectly, in the name of any other individual;
  3. You have provided false, incorrect, out-of-date, or insufficient information;
  4. You explicitly notify Hasbix of your refusal to accept any changes to this Agreement when they are made;
  5. You request that all Services be terminated.

In the event that your Hasbix Account is closed, the transactional data necessary to comply with data retention regulations will be kept safe for five years. Additionally, Hasbix reserves the right to inform your counterparty of the situation during the Hasbix Account termination process if a transaction remains unfinished. You acknowledge that the above-mentioned termination will also apply to a user's account deletion (right to erasure under GDPR or other equivalent regulations) initiated by Hasbix.

Hasbix may, but is not obligated to, place an administrative hold on the affected funds and your Hasbix Account if it receives information or notification that any funds held in your Hasbix Account are alleged to have been stolen or are not in your legal possession. Hasbix may continue the administrative hold on your funds or suspend your Hasbix Account until the dispute has been resolved and evidence of the resolution has been provided to Hasbix in a form that Hasbix approves of. Hasbix will neither participate in nor be a party to any such dispute's resolution. You acknowledge and agree that any such hold, as well as your inability to withdraw funds or execute Exchange Orders during the hold, will not be the responsibility of Hasbix.

26. Modifications and amendments.
26.1. In the event that technology, standards, legislation, administrative or business practices, or the way the Services are provided change, Hasbix reserves the right to amend this Agreement in its sole discretion. When the new Agreement is posted on the Website, the modifications take effect. Using the date mark in this clause, you can determine when this Agreement was last updated.
26.2. As long as the law allows it, we reserve the right to make any changes retroactive. Any changes of this kind will take effect on March 30, 2023, the date this Agreement becomes legally binding on the parties. We will either inform you in writing or by prominently displaying a notice of the change on the Website if we make a significant change to the Agreement.
26.3. You agree to familiarize yourself with the current version of the Agreement after each subsequent use of your Hasbix Account. You will be considered to have accepted the updated version of the Agreement if you continue to use the Platform and/or the Website through your Hasbix Account. You have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time if you do not accept the changes. If this is the case, you should complete all trades and other obligations, close your Hasbix account, and withdraw any remaining funds.
The current version of the Agreement has last been amended on the 30 of March 2023.

27. Contacts and feedback.

You can get in touch with Hasbix via the customer support team at [email protected] if you have any questions about this agreement. Please provide identifying information such as your name, Hasbix Account ID, email address, and any other information Hasbix may require identifying you, your Hasbix Account, and the transaction if you have feedback, questions, or complaints regarding your Hasbix Account or transaction. You can look up the company and the authorization information on the website for more details about Hasbix.

The AML/KYC Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions. Accepting the Terms and Conditions you are automatically agreeing with the AML/KYC Policy.