This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) outlines the acceptable and prohibited uses of Hasbix Analytics s.r.o.'s Crypto Exchange Services. 

By using our services, you agree to comply with this AUP. Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. reserves the right to update, modify, or revise this AUP at any time. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing this policy. 

Terms capitalized within this Acceptable Use Policy will carry the definitions assigned to them in the Terms and Conditions of Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. (accessible at, unless the context dictates otherwise.

1. Prohibited Activities: 
  • Illegal Activities: Users must not engage in any illegal activities, including but not limited to fraud, money laundering, and any activities that violate applicable laws and regulations. 
  • Security Violations: Users are prohibited from attempting to breach the security of the Hasbix Analytics s.r.o., including unauthorized access to accounts, networks, or systems.
  • Abuse of System Resources: Users must not engage in any activities that degrade the performance of the Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. platform, such as denial of service attacks, excessive use of system resources, or any other actions that may negatively impact the platform's infrastructure. 
  • Unauthorized Access: Unauthorized access or use of another user's account, personal information, or any attempt to gain access to Hasbix Analytics s.r.o.'s systems without proper authorization is strictly prohibited.

2. User Responsibilities: 
  • Account Security: Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their accounts, including choosing strong and secure passwords and enabling two-factor authentication when available. 
  • Compliance: Users must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to cryptocurrency transactions and financial regulations. 
  • Information Accuracy: Users are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information during the account registration process and when conducting transactions on the platform. 

3. Reporting Violations: 
  • Suspicious Activities: Users are encouraged to report any suspicious or unauthorized activities promptly to Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. through the designated channels. 
  • Abuse Reporting: If users become aware of any violations of this AUP by other users, they are encouraged to report such instances to Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. 

4. Enforcement: 
  • Investigation: Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. reserves the right to investigate any reported violations of this AUP, and may, at its discretion, take appropriate actions, including but not limited to account suspension or termination. 
  • Legal Action: Hasbix Analytics s.r.o. may take legal action against users involved in activities that violate laws or regulations. 

Users of Hasbix Analytics s.r.o.'s must adhere to this Acceptable Use Policy. Violations may result in account suspension or termination, and in severe cases, legal action. 

By using our services, you agree to comply with this policy and acknowledge that failure to do so may result in consequences outlined herein. This AUP is subject to change without prior notice. Users are responsible for regularly reviewing the policy for updates.